Genius Dei - Stefano Solimani
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Leonardo project was born from the dream of its founders, Parida Thetkunchorn and Patrizio Stefani, to export italian culinary and artistic excellence to Bangkok. From the initial intention of opening a luxury restaurant, then stopped by the pandemic and subsequently by a serious illness of the founder Parida, an exclusive collaboration begins with Master Stefano Solimani to reproduce his pictorial works in the form of Non Fungible Token (NFT). Hence the idea of creating something totally new that would give new hope to Parida: LEONARDO, no longer just a restaurant, but also a physical and virtual art gallery dedicated to the artist, accessible only through exclusive NFT membership generated by two artworks that the Master created especially for us.

Leonardo will be the first italian NFT restaurant in Asia and the first in the world to be also a physical and virtual art gallery based on NFT, members will have unlimited access to the lounge bar and art gallery while reservations is required for the restaurant. Our goal is to create an exclusive community of pictorial, virtual, and culinary art lovers through international events and collaboration, and that the proprietary members of our NFT can actively participate in the life of Leonardo by receiving a portion of the corporate earnings (see BECOME A MEMBER ) and expressing their opinions and preferences so that we can offer an increasingly better service over time.


A Non-Fungible Token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger. NFTs can be used to represent easily reproducible items such as photos, videos, audio and other types of digital files as unique items and use blockchain technology to establish verified and public proof of ownership.

A hot wallet is an online-accessible virtual currency wallet that facilitates transactions between the owner and the end users through a collection of private keys stored on an Internet-connected program; it is used to store and send NFTs and cryptocurrencies such as MATIC, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

When the drop is launched (i.e., when the subscription will be available for purchase) you will need to have enough MATIC for the base price of the token and to cover the transaction fees on your hot wallet (e.g. Metamask, we recommend keeping the seed phrase secret and in a safe place, Leonardo cannot reset it and has no liability in case it is lost or stolen resulting in the loss of your digital assets).

If you do not have enough MATIC you can purchase them on a cryptocurrency exchange (such as Binance) and send them to your hot wallet.

Once you have enough MATIC just click on BECOME A MEMBER, choose the type of membership you prefer, and follow the instructions on the page.

After the process has been successfully completed, your Leonardo NFT membership will be automatically transferred to your hot wallet.


  • Once you own the Leonardo NFT subscription in order to book you will need to log on to the website and create a personal account. Those who do not have the token will not have a chance to book.
  • There will be no transaction fees to make a reservation, however, members will need access to the wallet where their NFT membership is stored to verify ownership.
  • Members will need to link their hot wallet to verify ownership of the NFT prior to each reservation being made online through their personal account (it will be implemented as the site is updated). A grid chart will be accessed where you can choose the date, lunch and/or dinner, time and number of guests.
  • In case the guests exceed the allowed number, another token will be needed to reach the allowed number of guests, in this case it should be specified on the notes so that you will find the tables ready and the exact number of seats.
  • The member who owns the token used for the reservation must be present, therefore his guests may not be seated until the NFT holder arrives.
  • You will get more information when we will get closer to the restaurant’s opening! (Planned for November 2023)


creation of 9000 Silver NFT membership and 999 Gold NFT membership of the artworks created, exclusively, for Leonardo by Master Stefano Solimani.

starts crowdfunding campaign for the creation of the Whitelist, donors will have early access to the pre-sale of Leonardo’s NFT memberships and the launch of the first NFT collection of artworks of Master Stefano Solimani reproduced by Leonardo (donors will have to provide their hot wallet address at the time of donation and via Discord in order to be included in the Whitelist). 10% of the proceeds, of the campaign, will be donated to charity to the hematology department of the hospital of Montichiari.

07:00 pm UTC pre-sale of 3000 NFT Silver membership at the fixed price of 150 MATIC, Whitelist donors will have early access from 01:00 pm UTC with a price per token reserved at 120 MATIC until 07:00 pm UTC. For those who buy 5 or more tokens and get the blue badge on discord will receive a free Silver membership (promotion reserved only in pre-sale).
07:00 pm UTC Leonardo will launch, approved by the Master, the first NFT collection “Women’s Stories” from the paintings artwork of M. Stefano Solimani, donors in Whitelist will have early access at 01:00 pm UTC.

opening of the company in Thailand and choice of venue in Bangkok used as lounge bar, restaurant and gallery of physical and virtual art NFT.

Official sale of the remaining NFT Silver membership at a fixed price of 150 MATIC and of the exclusive NFT Gold membership at a fixed price of 2300 MATIC; holders of a work of Maestro Solimani’s NFT collection will have early access. (Exact date and time will be announced)

estasblishment furnishing, relocation of the physical artworks and installation of the virtual ones, the website will be expanded with new features (reserved area, booking calendar, etc.)

local grand opening, party, welcome drink and free buffet for all participating members.

launch of the Leonardo app that will implement the website features, plus e-commerce and airdrop of the proprietary Token. Redistribution of 5% of each transaction made (after taxes) in our proprietary Token to all members holding NFT membership Silver and Gold.

Dates may change, we recommend checking our social channels for news.


You can purchase up to 10 tokens per transaction with no limit to the number of tokens you can purchase by repeating the transaction. Presale tokens available for purchase from January 14, 2023.

Select the desired membership type:






Lounge bar and Art gallery access Yes +1 Guest Yes +3 Guests
Restaurant access (Reservation Required) Yes +1 Guest Yes +3 Guests
Free appetizers menu *(max 1 per day for token holder) No Yes*
Early access and events reservations No Yes
Early access drop No Yes
Airdrop Owner Token *(Major) Yes Yes*
Redistribution proprietary token (5% of each payment made with the token, excluding tax) Yes Yes
10% discount on the artworks of Maestro Solimani Yes Yes
Possibility of putting on show your NFT artwork of Master Solimani in Gallery
(Free service, reservation required)
No Yes
  • Membership purchase is for adults only and is made with MATIC cryptocurrency via connection to the OpenSea platform, the buyer understands that any error that may occur on the external platform is not Leonardo’s responsibility, nor can Leonardo intervene, the buyer should promptly make arrangements to contact the OpenSea platform and report the error.
  • Any entry referring to proprietary tokens will be calculated from the time the token is released, the 10% cashback is related to a new NFT artwork created by Leonardo and approved by Master Stefano Solimani, purchased for the first time by us, artworks sold between private parties will not be considered.
  • -IMPORTANT- For members who will not use the collected owner token, which we will release with the launch of the application, will be given the possibility to convert it into Bitcoin and to credit it on their wallet.(information will be added)