Genius Dei - Stefano Solimani


Leonardo project was born from the dream of its founders, Parida Thetkunchorn and Patrizio Stefani, to export italian culinary and artistic excellence to Bangkok. From the initial intention of opening a luxury restaurant, then stopped by the pandemic and subsequently by a serious illness of the founder Parida, an exclusive collaboration begins with Master Stefano Solimani to reproduce his pictorial artworks in the form of Non Fungible Token (NFT). Hence the idea of creating something totally new that would give new hope to Parida: LEONARDO, no longer just a restaurant, but also a physical and virtual art gallery, accessible only through exclusive NFT membership generated by two artworks that the Master created especially for us.

Leonardo will be the first italian NFT restaurant in Asia and the first in the world to be also a physical and virtual art gallery based on NFT, members will have unlimited access to the lounge bar and art gallery while reservations is required for the restaurant.

Our goal is to create an exclusive community that brings together artists, collectors and art lovers through the organization of physical and virtual events, and that members, owners of our Passes, can actively participate in the life of Leonardo by perceiving 10% of corporate earnings and expressing their opinions and preferences so that they can offer a better service over time.


A Non Fungible Token is a unique and not interchangeable data unit stored on a digital ledger. NFT can be used to represent easily reproducible items such as photos, video, audio, pass, tickets and other digital file types as unique elements and use blockchain technology to establish verified and public proof of ownership.

A Hot Wallet (e.g. Metamask or Trust) is an online accessible virtual currency wallet that facilitates transactions between the owner and the end users through a collection of private keys stored on an Internet-connected program, is used to store and send NFT and cryptocurrencies such as Matic, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

At the time of the Mint (see BECOME A MEMBER) you will need to have enough MATIC for the basic price of the token and to cover transaction fees, usually less than a MATIC, on your Hot Wallet.

We recommend keeping the seed cutter secret and safe, Leonardo cannot reset it and has no responsibility in case it is lost or stolen resulting in the loss of its digital assets.

If you don’t have enough MATIC you can buy them on a cryptocurrency exchange (e.g. Binance or Coinbase) and send them to your Hot Wallet.

Once you have enough MATIC just click on BECOME MEMBER, choose the type of membership you prefer, click on Mint and follow the instructions on the page.

After the process is successful, your Leonardo NFT subscription will automatically transfer to your Hot Wallet.


  • Once you have a Leonardo NFT subscription you will need to access the www.leonardoprojectnft.com website and create a personal account. Those who do not have the token will not have a chance to reserve.
  • There will be no transaction fees to make a reservation, however members will need to have access to the wallet where their NFT membership is stored to verify ownership.
  • Members will need to connect their Hot Wallet to verify ownership of the NFT before each reservation being made online through their personal account (it will be implemented as the site is updated). You will access a grid chart where you can choose the day, lunch and/ or dinner, time and number of guests.
  • In case guests exceed the allowed number, an additional token will be required, until the necessary number is reached, in this case it should be specified on the notes so that you find the tables ready and the exact number of seats.
  • The member who owns the token used for the reservation must be present, therefore his guests may not be seated until the NFT holder arrives.
  • You will get more information when we will get closer to the restaurant’s opening! (Expected in the first half of 2024)


Creation of 9000 NFT Silver membership and 999 NFT Gold membership from the artworks created in exclusive collaboration for Leonardo by Master Stefano Solimani.

Start of the crowdfund campaign to create the Whitelist, donors will have early access to the sale of Leonardo’s NFT membership at a discounted price, in addition they will participate in the launch of the first NFT collection of Master Stefano Solimani in collaboration with Leonardo (donors must provide the address of their Hot Wallet at the time of donation and through Discord to be included in Whitelist). 10% of the proceeds of the campaign will be donated to charity for the fight against cancer.

8 pm UTC: sale of the first 5000 NFT Silver membership at the price of about $150 and 500 NFT Gold membership at the price of about $2500. The addresses of the wallets on  Whitelist will have early access from  2 pm UTC with a reserved price of $120 and $1900 respectively until  8 pm UTC. By purchasing 5 or more tokens you will be entitled to receive a free Leonardo Silver Pass (The offer is valid until the 640 tokens available are exhausted)

8 pm UTC: Launch of the first NFT collection “Women’s Stories” created by Leonardo from the art paintings of Master Stefano Solimani. Holders of the Leonardo Pass will have early access from 2 pm UTC and a 10% discount.

Start free Airdrop (random draw) of artistic NFT for holders of the Leonardo Pass, Airdrops will be launched at the end of each month until the opening of the restaurant/art gallery.

Opening of the reserved area, possibility of registration for all members and reservation for Gold who intend to exhibit their NFT artwork in the gallery.

Local grand opening and exhibition of Master Solimani, party, welcome drink and free buffet for all participating members.

Launch of the Leonardo app for the management of our services that will implement the site features, plus e-commerce and NFT marketplace.

Distribution of the Leonardo payment token and start redistribution to all NFT Silver and Gold members of 10% of each transaction (excluding expenses) in our payment token, for members who do not want to use it for our services will be given the opportunity to convert them into Bitcoin and receive it on their Wallet.

Due to the complexity of the project the dates may change, we recommend checking our SOCIAL CHANNELS for the news.


You can purchase up to 10 tokens per transaction with no limit to the number of tokens you can purchase by repeating the operation.

The price of tokens in MATIC is not constant but will be changed with each fluctuation above or below 6%, this to keep a value as close as possible to $150 for the Silver pass and $2500 for the Gold pass.

Select the desired membership type:



Lounge bar and Art gallery access Yes +1 Guest Yes +3 Guests
Restaurant access (Reservation Required) Yes +1 Guest Yes +3 Guests
Free appetizers menu (max 1 per day for token holder) No Yes
Possibility of advance reservation at exclusive physical and virtual events No Yes
Early access to NFT drops and limited edition products No Yes
10% discount for the owner of the Pass in the local, for the purchase of artworks, NFT and on our e-commerce Yes Yes
Right to free monthly Airdrop (random extraction) of NFT artworks made available by artists Yes Yes
Free Airdrop of the Leonardo payment token (10% of the token value) Yes Yes
10% redistribution of corporate earnings* Yes Yes
Free access to an automatic Tool on our Discord server to create a Smart Contract** Yes Yes
Free display of your NFT artwork on our Gallery screens*** No Yes
  • Membership purchase is for adults only and is made with MATIC cryptocurrency.
  • IMPORTANT Each item related to the Leonardo payment Token will be calculated from the moment the Token is issued. For members who do not use the accumulated Token, it will be possible to convert it to Bitcoin and credit it to their Wallet. (information will be added)

*(10% of the earnings in our Leonardo payment Token on every payment made with the Token itself, excluding expenses)
**(upon request and after preliminary check possibility of inserting the artistic collection generated within our virtual art gallery)
***(valid only once, for one week, upon reservation and after prior inspection)